Uncanny Dreamscapes


This collection references the peculiar and often surreal interpretation of surveillance that is evident in many science fiction and dystopian films. The collection subverts classical tailoring, taking a play on the notion of concealing and revealing. This is expressed through the use of functional accessories and pockets that are an extension of the garments themselves. By hiding or exposing parts of the garments, the wearers reveal a quirky personality of themselves.

This campaign is presented as an allegory that is documented in both a nature reserve and in a repurposed army building. The two locations create a dichotomy between a whimsical childlike naivety and a brutal institutional milieu.

The first part of the campaign creates a sense of vestige, investigating the traces of an absent body through presenting abandoned clothing as bodiless bodies.



























There is an inevitable voyeuristic nature of the act of surveillance. In the surreal complexities of the bureaucracy, there is an atmosphere of both mischief and suspense.

The second part of the campaign creates a sense of mystery and espionage, referencing the strangely beautiful cinematography in A Clockwork Orange by Stanley Kubrick and Brazil 1985 by Terry Gilliam.