Collection 03 - FORM

FORM is a continued study of the relationship between human anatomy and objects. This season, we expanded the offerings of our coveted signature metal pieces. Referencing the synergy of Modernists and Surrealists, like Brancusi and Les Lalanne, eclectic objects of biomorphic sensibilities enshrined into metal sculptures. They form an intimate relationship with the garments, serving as stunning buttons, closures, and cult-like symbols and code. Modern relics are abstracted to their most primitive and essential forms, suggesting gestures of what they could befit. It could be a dagger, or it could mimic a human’s collarbone.


In FORM, we are proud to introduce the launch of a brand new category - KNITWEAR. After rigorous study and experiments, we have engineered our very own ethereal textile of technical sophistication - a 3D novelty ombré fabric that fades from opaque to sheer, now materialised in our EVANESCENT knit series.


Through concealing and revealing, the human body is framed in clean, spatial lines. The perfect balance between sensuality and formality is photographed in wind, movement and motions.