Through the essence of absurdist philosophy and light-hearted humour, Mimicry explores the attribution of human characteristics to inanimate objects. This psychological phenomenon is often referred to as anthropomorphism. Mimicry is a whimsical allegory of form, behaviour and body language. With an emphasis on precise tailoring and meticulous details, these garments are created for longevity, timelessness and slow consumption that outlast seasons and trends. Through creating biomorphic silhouettes and the distortion of human forms, it studied how inanimate sculptures can trigger an emotional response. Consisting of garments and accessories, these fashion items are body as bodily adornments.


The fashion film is set in a “home situation”, one of strange familiarity. Through clothing and accessories, the film examines the peculiar mundanes of everyday life at home. For example, hanging out in the living room, dining, and cutting your own hair at home. It uses the human elements in the garments to narrate an intelligent femininity. Through subtle body language, two people explore the uncanny psychological resemblance between humans and objects. The circle frame becomes a conceptual monolith and recurring motif.







Furniture is designed and made in relation to the garments. For example, the circle art frame serves as an alternative to a conventional hanger, where the circle jacket is hung and can be "peeled" off. This blurs the boundaries between art and fashion, presenting the transition from being at home too long, almost being one with our furniture, to getting dressed and going out.